Our Services

We do two things really well…

We help organizations discover and define where they are going and WHY. Once we know their why, we dive even deeper identifying and understanding WHO should be their focus-customers. After stacking hands on why they exist and who they serve, we can start creating messages and stories so people not only listen but they act.

Before bringing out the cameras, we have to answer quite a few strategic questions. We’ve tried skipping that step before and it’s always a disaster. Once it’s time to roll, we know how to take the lens cap off and create some magical moments. With 90% of our stories, our goal is to strengthen relationships and build trust with either existing or new customers.

Our Work

Here are a few examples of the work we’ve done in the last 13 minutes and five years.

The Hustle Barbershop NYC

A video we made for our favorite barbershop in New York City – The Hustle.

Sure-Loc Hardware

After a powerful Strategy Summit with the Founders of Sure-Loc Hardware, we dove into telling their story. This video represents how valuable the T&G Strategic Framework can be and how it empowers better story telling. We’re honored to be considered part of the Sure-Loc family! Their vision and products are beautiful.

Don’t Give Breast Cancer an Unfair Advantage

Client Goal: Increase mammogram appointments for women, in Utah, 25 and older.

The women in this video are not acting. They are sharing their own personal stories. Our goal with all content is to share truth in an authentic way.

Product Pre-Launch

Client Goal: Build awareness and excitement around a new product launch.

We produced this video for a direct email that will go out to 2,500 U.S. distributors. The video will also be promoted by a national industry-focused publication.

David Buckingham

One of the most talented guitarists in the world today, David truly moves us with his music. We had the pleasure of partnering with him and Platinum Sound and Mastering to produce this song from his upcoming record.

Hopefully this music video allows you to see our love and passion for creating powerful content.


To show our gratitude to one of our favorite clients, we produced this video of his sweet daughter Eily. She is absolutely adorable!

FLTR Movement

Client Goal: Raise $50,000 in 30 days with popular social media influencers in order to provide ongoing clean water to those in need.

We raised over $80,000 and reached roughly 4,400,000 people with this campaign. More importantly, thousands of people will have ongoing access to water which will dramatically improve their quality of life.

Happy Clients

Most of the time our clients feel a lot more like family than anything else. We absolutely love the people we get to work with.

  • T&G’s strategy summit was such a landmark in the history of our business. We got razor focused on what we’re all about, but even more than that, everyone on our team was there to see and hear and feel that same message that’s at the core of why we do everything we do. Spence was able to help our team and us as business owners clearly define who we are and how to make sure that message never gets lost in anything we do. I would recommend strategy summit to ANYONE who wants to really define their why within their business and get their entire team invested in that same purpose.

    - Corrine Stokoe, CEO Mint Arrow
  • T&G helped us simplify and define our vision.  They really helped us articulate who we are as an organization and what we hope to accomplish. Their video work and storytelling were critical assets that helped bring our mission and message to life–and they were a blast to work with.  Their work ethic, drive, humor, passion and skill were seen in abundance.  I would recommend them to anyone trying to build their brand and speak to a larger audience about their mission.

    - Peter Evans, Director Kensington Capital
  • The Strategy Summit I went through with Spencer and Guy was more than just getting direction for a business, they taught me how to clearly find my passion in life, define it, and sift through distractions to keep the end goal in mind.  The tools they gave me to find my WHY are something I reuse daily.  Their talent for providing advice, insight, and clear direction will have me coming back again and again for their relevant and inspired counsel as my business changes and grows.

    - Paige & Jonny Hanna, Startup Masters & Community Leaders
  • T&G has been irreplacable to our organization.
    We love having them as consultants.
    Worth every penny.

    - Jeff Jensen, CEO Connecticut Electric
  • I’m not sure there is a team better than T&G when it comes to defining and communicating a vision. The videos they directed and produced for me have helped build instant relationships with clients and grown my business exponentially. There is literally something magic about this team.

    - Dr. David Majeroni, CEO Majeroni Orthodontics

Let's Connect

If you answer yes to these questions, we’d love to calendar you in for a good ole fashioned T&G Strategy Summit. 

  1. Is your organization led by a man or woman of great character?
  2. Does your organization have the desire and capacity for exponential growth?
  3. Is your organization passionate about strengthening relationships with current and or new customers?
  4. Is your organization ready to dig deep, get vulnerable and clearly define its very reason for existence?

If your soul is singing yes to these questions, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

About T&G

Before meeting in November of 2013, Spencer Taggart and Guy Gibbons had quite different backgrounds and experience. Spencer was focused on business, marketing and strategy while Guy was focused on music, design, video and storytelling. However, when they started working together, they quickly discovered that 1 + 1 did not equal 2, it equaled 11.

Since early 2014 Taggart & Gibbons have led out on quite a few strategic successes, but they have also unsuccessfully launched a few “strageties”. These experiences, both good and bad, have cemented the power of The Strategic Framework into their lives and now they are both wildly passionate about sharing it.